Best types of locks for windows and doors

How to secure your French door?

When it comes to finding the best types of locks for windows and doors, the question of the French doors would surely come up. This door, which is somewhere between being a a door and a window in one is some of the least protected technologies ever made. But due to its beauty, its double role (as a window) it's very often used in houses and works as the living room door which lets the owners out to the balcony, terrace or garden area. French doors are so vulnerable and easy to open up with easy methods that they are the mostly used doors for burglars to easy break in into any home. Therefore if you have a French door it's essential for you to find out how you can make it as protected as possible. Let's try to find out what sort of locks work the best for French doors.

According to police statistics all burglars like to target the easiest place possible to force entry in a home and French doors are the epitome of easy entry for any robber out there. The doors have only a simple lock and as both doors have the role to open up and none of them are in a fixed position, sometimes one small push is enough to break through such a door/window. Let's see some of the best ways to prepare your French doors to withstand burglar attempts. A good vetted and certified locksmith service can easily help you fix this problem with the application of one of the below methods:

  1. Buy locks which work with hinges that have 3 inch long screws at the very least.
  2. Get deadbolt installed on the French doors with at least 1 inch throw
  3. Try to secure your French doors with the traditional yet proven mortice locks. They are very reliable and can be opened with key from both sides, therefore there is no danger of you locking yourself out.
  4. Check out 3 point locking mechanisms, they have also proven to work well for French doors
  5. It's essential to secure the glass of the French doors. As they can be freely considered windows, if they have a weak glass burglars can easily just push them in without much of an effort.
  6. If you have a security system make sure it's extra sensitive around the French door area with added door and window sensors containing glass break and shock sensors as well ( especially when going on holidays)
  7. Side bolts also work very effectively for French doors. This means that one side of the door can be fixed more permanently.
  8. Get a padlock, which would be attached to both the door handles with an easy-to-fix and easy-to-release method. This easy lock would easily make sure that the doors cannot just be pushed open in the middle section.

Use one or more of these methods to make sure your French doors will not give an easy access to the burglars- For more information on the best types of locks for windows and doors contact vetted and reliable today!