Securing your garage/shed/outbuildings

Tips on securing your garage while you are on holidays

If you think about basic home security let's be honest, you tend to forget about securing your garage/shed/outbuildings, especially when it comes to going away for a longer time and that's why these buildings are often left vulnerable for burglars. That's exactly why it's so important to put in that extra measure of security which makes sure no one accesses your home via any of these buildings. Hereby we would like to give you a couple of tips on how to protect your garage when you go away for holidays.

1.) Protect your overhead garage door from being opened so easily

There are several ways to do this, one of which includes simply putting a good padlock in the latch which would this way stop the opener from opening up. Another useful way is to simply putting a bolt through a hole in the door track (and there are always several holes in there). This way no one would open the garage door, even if they try with a remote controller.

2.) Install bars for your garage windows

Most garages have one or more windows, depending on the size of the area and these windows are often left open or are not secured from being opened up from the outside. That's why the best solution is to simply install bars in front of the windows, to prevent anyone from simply climbing in. Despite this however, do not leave the window open as it could give way for someone to get to the garage door opener with a few tricks. Locksmith services can help you installing the bars and also to secure your window locks.

3.) Make sure your garage windows are not see-through windows

This seems to be a little thing, but it's essential that no one sees how your garage looks like from the outside. This way you can even avoid burglaries as they don't know what's inside.

4.) Don't leave your remote controller inside your car

When we go on holiday, naturally we tend to leave our cars inside the garage. But regardless, never leave your car keys inside your car (and if you have a spare one do not store it in the garage either)

5.) Add maximum security to the entrance door between your garage and your home area. These doors are often left unattended and therefore serve perfectly for any burglars to simply walk in. Use a lock which can be closed from both sides and even if you leave a spare key in the garage for this door, ensure it's hidden absolutely well. Locksmiths can easily assist you with installing the best proper lock for this door.

6.) Install a motion detector on the front side of the garage: if it has a big enough light it can easily scare burglars away. It also gives the illusion of someone being at home.

These are the tips we could serve you on protecting your garage area while being away. Don't forget, if you have other outbuildings, you need to protect those too from intruders.