Protecting your home while you are on holiday

Top 4 smart tips to protect your home while you are away on holidays

There are so many ways to make sure your home is protected while you are away but there are also many different approaches for doing this. You can also make your home work for you while you are away. Let's see 5 smart tips you can both protect your home and make it work for you during your holidays.

1.) Enter a home-swap program

There are several websites which deal with home swapping. These programs are specifically devised to help travellers in finding homes cheap or for free while the owners are away. This way, not only will someone stay in your home, while you are gone, not giving a chance for anyone to see it empty for more than a couple of hours, it can either make money for you or can make someone else's holiday great. Rely on the most trusted sites which have members who are all vetted, who have positive reviews and who are members for a longer time. These sites will make sure that your visitors will be trusted and your home will be in safe hands.

2.) Try Airbnb

If you are gone for more than 3-4 weeks, you can freely try to rent our your flat with the help of airbnb. Although you will be required to pay tax and make an official claim towards your district bureau to have your flat join airbnb, after its done everything will happen quickly. The website is superb, as it will do the scheduling the pricing the payments as well, so all in all everything happens over there. This way it's made sure that the website has trusted members. Even if everyone would stay for a few weeks time, you can either buy a programmable smartlock ( which would only give access until a pre-specified amount of time then ends it abruptly) or you can ask a friend to give and to get the keys from your visitors. Ask a locksmith service for more information. This way, you earn money also during your own holidays and thanks to the internet, you can keep in touch with your visitors at all times too.

3.) Ask a friend or relative to move in for the time being

This is another method which is often used, especially if someone has relatives who further away and would like to spend a few days in your home. They will not only take care of your home, they will also clean it and protect it with their mere appearance. This is a big deal as burglars will only break in once a house is confirmed to be vacant for a while now.

4.) Rent out your home for a good reason

You can rent out your home for artists, or for summer camps if it's situation and extras are that good. This is a lesser known option but it's definitely a possibility you can do. Check out your local newssites and see if there are galleries or other groups who look for houses for a few weeks' time.